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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wordsmith – My Purpose, My Dream >> @Wordsmith



You have a purpose in life. That’s right, YOU! We are all here to make an impact on not just our personal lives, but the lives of family, friends and ultimately the strangers who may cross your path from time to time.

Point is, we all have a purpose in life and I really would like to have a bigger voice in this world. I’ve always wanted to spread my message of purpose and how important it is to seek out your gifts in life. I want to speak for the families, the single mothers, the single fathers, the blue collar worker and most of all our youth.

Music is my gift. The way I can help this world is by using my talents to spread a message that will help everyday people wake up each morning and ask themselves, “What am I here to accomplish? Who can I give a helping hand to, and how can I be a productive member of society?” I make music for the masses, and I want the world to know that there are artists like myself out here who have something to say, don’t use profanity and seek to make a change in this lifetime.

Stay real,


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