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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Subtact – Falling #EDM #Trap #Cacoteo

Subtact - Falling

Subtact – Falling
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  • da squeakey dino
    da squeakey dino

    Playing this song makes everything seem to stand still, I really couldn't care less now about anything, I want to slit my wrists to the beat cus I'm getting deep like every other comment to the sick beatz, then looking around, having pushed all the other thoughts of drinking bleach, seeing everything from my wrists, the colours , red,red,dark red, peach,ect, it's so satisfying seeing my wrists get cut over and over again to this song, it makes me feel "alive" (I'm taking the piss out of hooded if you didn't read hers)

  • Syed Daniyal Ali
    Syed Daniyal Ali

    I love this song but it feels like the way it ends doesn't suit it. :/

  • Carly O'donnell
    Carly O'donnell


  • Bardock Lobato
    Bardock Lobato

    música foda

  • Xavier Boyer
    Xavier Boyer

    Is there any other songs similar to this one that you guys know?

  • michael berberian
    michael berberian


  • Wahyu Tomo
    Wahyu Tomo

    this song not available at spotify?

  • Xìu Xìu
    Xìu Xìu

    help me !!! im listen this song everyday.fucking my mind

  • Tyr Myrmidon
    Tyr Myrmidon

    a comtemplate song sorry for my bad engilsh

  • SuperLainoto

    Sometimes i play this song late at night, go to my window watch the sky and think about stuff.

  • Micael Oliveira
    Micael Oliveira

    speed 1.25 ………………………… !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HeyAasam

    This Vid got so many Views, i think its not copyright free?? i really wanna use it for a vid

  • Raccoon Boy
    Raccoon Boy

    the beggining of tis song is a close match to the minecraft creative soundtrack 2

  • roshspike

    my mom past away and this song makes me thing of here

  • David Mateus
    David Mateus

    This song makes me think about life, I will just go philosophical with this song

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