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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Shots Fired At Arcangel After Orlando,Fl Performance #Reggaeton #WTF #News @Cacoteo

Damn… WTF? Shots Fired At Reggaeton Star “Arcangel” in Orlando,FL


Reggaeton star “Arcangel” escaped injury this week after an unknown shooter opened fire on his Mercedes tour van in Orlando.

Austin “Arcangel” Santos had just finished a performance at the Majestic Event Center about 2:45 a.m. Sunday when he left with his seven-member entourage including three body guards and a jeweler, according to police reports released Thursday.

More than two hours later, Santos stopped 17 miles south in Kissimmee where the group told Orlando police they had been shot at shortly after leaving the Majestic at the corner of John Young Parkway and West Colonial Drive. No explanation was given for the delay in reporting the attack, according to police reports.

“The victims all feel they may have been targeted or stalked after they left the club,” records state.

According to their account, they were headed south on John Young when an old Toyota Corolla sedan pulled alongside and a man in the back seat fired at least four shots at them.

That’s when Santos’ bodyguard Ayanes Diaz told police he grabbed a pistol from his lap and fired two shots through the van’s windshield at the attackers.

Police took possession of the gun as well as a mini-AK47 pistol that also belonged to Diaz, who had a state concealed carry permit. A tiny amount of marijuana was seized from the van, records show.

The singer, who was scheduled to appear Thursday night in Austin, Texas, could not be reached for comment.

Santos, 29, was born in New York City and raised in Puerto Rico. He began his career about 15 years ago touring the U.S. and Europe singing a blend of Caribbean and Latin America music known as Reggaeton.

Miami jeweler Luis Garcia-Vargas, whom police identified as the host of Saturday night’s concert, also declined to comment.

Original Orlando Sentinel Article or 407-420-5257

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