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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Plasi – Now & Then (Tilø x ConKi Remix) #TRapEDM #Cacoteo

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  • Mondazoo 0
    Mondazoo 0

    Liked and watched every vid you released! Love your channel and the music you upload!

  • Trap Cat
    Trap Cat

    nice ♥

  • No “thisgalaxyman”
    No “thisgalaxyman”

    I hope you don't delete anything on this channel again, because I want to hear it forever.

  • NaNa Oniyama
    NaNa Oniyama

    Three little cute birds flapping around the palm trees

  • Fatal

    Good tune :)

  • The Viking
    The Viking

    I Just Justt Lovee Chill Nationn <3

  • cristopher_the_gamer323

    I want a girlfriend???

  • Sez Clegg
    Sez Clegg


  • Renan Gabriel
    Renan Gabriel

    love you chill nation ♥♥♥

  • kingkongtitys

    Kosdff's Vlog brought me here ,anyone else?


    tbh you Guys should make Merch that says the nations would look so cool

  • Rosa Maria Cavita
    Rosa Maria Cavita

    like si hablas español

  • Ash Mods
    Ash Mods

    Lyrics :
    See me as your enemy, or see me as your friend
    It is 19 months since I was there, and held you in my hand
    It is 18 since I told you, and you took away my name

    Now when you saw me, you turned away your head
    You won't forgive me, and I will understand
    Now and then

    Used to be your future, now you see me as your end
    When you're hiding, we're colliding
    Better be, and stop pretend
    I was silent, you were blind
    Better leave those fears behind

    If you're still bleeding, see me as a friend
    You won't believe me
    And I will understand
    Now and then
    Now and then

    You won’t believe me
    Won't be an end
    I know you're done, ignored and gone, but I'm around
    If you see light in fighting me, you'll be your enemy

    And still today, you will not pretend
    You won't believe me
    And I will understand
    Now and then

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