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Friday, December 9, 2022

KING (of 334 Mobb) – What’s Going On (LIVE) HD Video #Hiphop @KINGof334MOBB


“KING” is from the brother duo 334 MO.B.B. were signed by Def Jam in 2006 by Antonio “LA” Reid & Jay-Z and he personifies the southern culture of the rap game. With an infectious voice and recognizable sound, “King” is a true industry vet with the hunger of a rookie and an undeniable rawness.  While the South has often been criticized for a lack of lyrical content, the Check On Me rhymer is masterfully incorporating catchy hooks and melodies, with thought-provoking punch-lines and wordplay. His music offers samples from everything that makes the south unique, with the diversity and multi-faceted nature that connects with all regions. King is hip-hop. King is the south. King is the embodiment of what the industry, along with the underground, has grown to expect and desire from that specific region. With a strong résumé’, following, and industry sense, King is the one. As he drops new singles and gears up for his upcoming release of “Kush And Yellow Diamondz” the MAG spitter is sticking true to the connotation of his alias and aiming for the hip-hop throne.


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