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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dj Calyte – Cacoteo Radio Dj Spotlight “Q & A with @DjCalyte” #Reggaeton #Hiphop #Reggae #Cacoteo

– PRONOUNCED “CA-LEET”, short for “Carlito”…DJ Calyte The Teknition started his dj career at the young age of 12. Tagging along with his older cousin, who was also a dj, he became familiar with music…specifically freestyle, dance, and house. Unable to afford his own dj equipment, The Tek perfected his mixing skills practicing long hours in his room with 2 boomboxes…yea, that’s right-2 boomboxes and no mixer. Juggling between the play button and the pause button, The Tek would match the BPM. The Tek would even do his grade school dances with his boomboxes and rocked it!! Once The Tek got older, he got his hands on his first dj setup. Throughout high school, DJ Calyte The Teknition was known for doing sweet 16’s for the ladies and was even doing the higher classman’s proms and was still talkin to the crowd with his hands!! DJ Calyte is currently the official DJ for Kings of Clubs Ent est in 2006 and is a co-founder of the SupremeDJs Crew est in 2013. –


Dj Calyte Dj Spotlight

Tell everyone out there a little bit about yourself, who is Dj Calyte  and how did you become a Dj?

 My name is Carlos Rodriguez aka DJ Calyte (ca-leet).  I was born in Philadelphia circa 1981 and grew up in Pennsauken, NJ.  I currently reside in Philadelphia and always back and forth into NJ.  I rep both Philly and NJ.  In regards to the name “Calyte”, my nickname is Carlito and a few friends called me “ca-leet” for short.  One of my friends had it stored in his phone as “Calyte” and it just stuck.  It was unique in spelling and pronunciation and I believe that’s an important aspect to stand out.  Google”DJ Calyte” and I AM the only one in the world!
We know you play an open format of hot music, but what are your musical influences?
My musical influences go deep.  I grew up listening to all sorts of genres from spanish, freestyle, house, reggaeton, hiphop, rock, to classical music on sunday mornings as child at home.  I love music period.  It’s amazing how powerful it is.
There are very few Djs outside of PR that can play an extensive selection of Reggaeton/Underground for that specific crowd, seeing as you be digging in the crates for the right selections, we are curious to know what’s your background on the genre?
Reggaeton!!!!  I love this genre. Of course i was introduced to it via the old Playero and Noize Mixtapes.  I love how its evolved over the decades.  Its such a passionate genre of music.  Ive been fortunate enough to be apart of a promotional company that specializes in bringing famous reggaeton artists to my local area to perform.  Kings of Clubs Entertainment was established in 2006 and I am the first and currently only DJ reppin’ the team.  We’ve brought just about every famous reggaeton artist to the tri-state area from Yomo, Tony Dize, Nengo Flow, Arcangel, J. Alvarez, Coscuella, Nicky Jam, to our biggest performer Daddy Yankee.
Any djs out there that influence your style?
The DJs that influence me the most are of course DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze,  DJ Excel, DJ Yonny, DJ Incrediboi just to name a few.  All incredible craftsman in this art called DJing.
What do you feel is an essential skill to djing?
To me, the MOST important skill a dj should possess is to be able to blend/mix the music on beat.  After that I would have to say the ability to “read” the crowd.  Alot of DJ’s literally play what they wanna hear.  It’s all about the crowd on the dance floor.  Keeping them happy is a must.
Tell me a bit about your crew the Supreme Djs?
SupremeDJs Crew is an up incoming crew based out of Phila.  It was established in 2013 by myself and DJ Wreckless, who is apart of Latin Connection Family, another well known crew in the NorthEast.  We decided to join forces and gave birth to SupremeDJs Crew.  We made our 3rd member, DJ SoloRemix, late last year.  He’s based out of NYC but is now down in the Orlando/Kissimmee area with LaMagica 1220am Radio.  He’s also apart of Fever Records.  In early June of this year, we made our 4th member, DJ Kike, whose based out of Phila as well.  We really represent the “Latin Fusion Movement”, however we can all rock out an open format style and/or club style.  We are trying to brand the name and make SupremeDJs well known!!
What venues are you currently spinning at and where can people catch you mixing it up?
I personally don’t like to stay at one spot anymore.  It gets so repetitive week after week.  I do a lot of private events because thats where I make the most money.  However, I recently locked in a residency at New Delhi Hookah Lounge in South Philadelphia on Friday nights.  I’ll be rotating every other week with my SDJ brother DJ Wreckless.  You can always stream my mixes via &  However, I prefer mixcloud and that most current.
You’ve been a veteran Dj on Cacoteo Radio with over 67 weekly shows and counting, how do you continue to bring fresh mix sets topping off the previous shows on every week?
First of all I cant even believe its been that long.  I just basically keep up with the music.  I’m always getting new music every week and have an opportunity to show it off before the weekend on my show.  Staying in touch with whats new is essential.  I try to go hard with every show preparing my listeners for the weekend ahead.
Now we all know you’re a Dj, but not too many know that you are also a trained fighter.  Do you think your discipline as a martial artist attributes to your discipline and skills that make you a Dj?
 Yea, I don’t flaunt my martial arts training alot.  I’ve been training longer than I’ve been djing and I started both at a young age.  But the discipline that has been instilled in me through training most definitely helps me stay dedicated to the art of djing.  I always say “I’m the man that speaks with his hands”, lol.
Anything you want to say to your friends, and fans here at Cacoteo Radio?
 I just wanna say thank you to you, DJ Tito, for having me be apart of Cacoteo Radio.  It’s really an honor! Everyone GO FOLLOW me on Twitter & Instagram @djcalyte and like my facebook fan page /djcalyte
Follow SupremeDJs Crew on Instagram @supremedjs
Don’t forget to check out my mixes on or via free mixcloud app for your smartphone. And of course…tell a friend to tell a friend to tune into In The Lab Mixshow every Thursday 7:30pmET right here on CACOTEORADIO.COM    SALUTE!!!

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