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Thursday, December 8, 2022


This week gets down to the nitty gritty with an exclusive Q & A interview with Reggaeton pioneer

Wiso-G aka “The Legend” & “El Papa De Los Pollitos“

by Itzel Yagual 

Please describe yourself in 15 words or less

WISO G: I define myself as humble, transparent, sincere and as one of “the best.”

Who discovered you and your talent? Or did you come out independently?

WISO G: I started to develop an interest in music at a very young age. I was involved in, school events, talent shows and participated in other community events which allowed me to expose my free styling skills. During my teens, I started to write my own lyrics to English songs, just for fun. My roles as a singer, songwriter and composer were a result of my natural abilities in music and the experiences I had in music at a young age.

What was your most memorable moment as a teenager?

WISO G: A memorable moment in my career was when I received the 1st Platinum Disc Award, during a competition. It meant a lot to me because I was being recognized musically and lyrically for my passion. It was this moment that took my career to a new level.

Have you ever done something you regretted? What did you do, to make things right?

WISO G: After my first album, I took a wrong path and made bad decisions that led to many consequences. I remember hearing my friends and family giving me advice but because I was wrapped up in the zone, I did not take their words into consideration. Although I learned the hard way, I learned a valuable lesson and I never made the same mistakes again.

Would you prefer a night with the family at the movies or a night out with your boys at a bar or lounge?

Why or why not?

WISO G: I prefer being with my family. After I got married and had my son, my perspective on life completely changed. I became a better man and I made my family my number one priority.

Name four of the most memorable artists in the Reggaeton genre.

WISO G: Every time Reggaeton evolves, there are new leaders; some of them are regular leaders and the others are leaders with the ability to move from one stage to the next stage. Some of my favorites, who have been bringing it for quite sometime, are Ruben Dj, Vico C, Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee and Don Chezina.

When did you first learn about Reggaeton and Reggae?

WISO G: I use to listen to the radio a lot when I was younger and that slowly directed me to the Reggaeton. After I heard, Nando Boom and EL General, I was hooked. Later, I started to experiment with music by taking songs and then writing my own lyrics to the songs.

Why do they call you “El Papa De Los Pollitos?”

WISO G: People started calling me “El Papa De Los Pollitos” because they believed I was one of the founders of the Reggaeton movement. To this day, people are amazed at how easily I can write songs, rap and improvise to anything.

What does the word Cacoteo mean to you?

WISO G: Cacoteo is a slang term for not having protocols, rules and a state of being without morals, the feel of the street life.

Do you consider yourself a “Reguetonero” or “Caco”?

WISO G: I consider myself as a “Caco,” because I am a rebel, I represent what occurs in my neighborhoods, the streets. I don’t sugar code the reality, I spit the raw, the dirty, the pain and the suffering that some people choose to overlook in our society.

What is different about your music in comparison to the other Reggaeton artists?

WISO G: I am different from other artists because what I spit is real. Unlike other artists, I do not paint a fantasy or create something that is unreal. I give my listeners and my supporters the real deal. The stories in my lyrics are not movies or fairytales they are true stories about life.

Besides Vico C and Brewley MC, you are considered one of the original artists del genero, how does it feel to see how far the genre has gone?

WISO G: I feel blessed and happy to know that people recognize me in that fashion. I think Reggaeton has come a long way and that the movement will continue to grow and adapt accordingly to current trends. I am thankful that I was one of the founders of the genre and that my music opened a lot of doors and opportunities for other artists to tap into the movement.

Who created Reggaeton?

WISO G: I think there were a lot of artists that were involved in the creation of Reggaeton. Some of the founders include Maicol y Manuel, Falo, Don Chezina, Ruben Sam, Rey Pirin and Blanco.

How long have you been involved with the genre?
WISO G: I have been working in this genre for a little over 20 years.

How do you view Reggaeton’s transition from Underground to what it has become today?

WISO G: The movement has changed dramatically but in a good way. The underground craze is still very much alive and Reggaeton will continue to reach new heights. In the future, Reggaeton will not only be more accessible than present day but there will be more Reggaeton communities.

Are there any artists who are misrepresenting the true style of Reggaeton? If so, please explain.

WISO G: There are a lot of young cats that come into this game and think that Reggaeton is about writing one hit, wearing bling and pretending to be somebody on a video. Reggaeton and urban music is about the streets and the struggle. To succeed in this business you have to be passionate about what you are creating and more importantly have a unique desirable talent. If you have none of those things, you won’t succeed.

Do you think the style and beats in Reggaeton, adapts to the musical trends?

WISO G: Most certainly, the beats do change over time. Even though a lot of artists today are blending beats, the bread and butter of the music, the underground sound, still remains a key piece to the music.

How do you feel about artist selling their music rights?
WISO G: I think it’s a great opportunity for artists to market their music to a variety of audiences and at the same it’s a great way to generate extra money. If for example you are an artist who is having a financial need, I would say go for it. On the other hand if you are an artist that is doing well financially than there is no need to sell your music rights.

What projects or events are you working on currently?

WISO G: I recently worked with Ruben Sam on a song titled “Pa Perrearte.” You can find out more about the song “Pa Perrearte” and listen to it on YouTube. I am also featured on a song from Nico Canada’s album “A Lo Under.” That album will be released 1-2 months. I am not currently working on any future projects because I am taking it easy and dedicating time to my family.

Where can we learn more about you or connect with you?

WISO G: Fans and those that want to contact me can find me on Facebook.

(Wiso G FaceBook)


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